UPDATE | Woodworking at GalGael

For the past three weeks, a group of volunteers from Willowbank have been meeting every Thursday at GalGael in Govan, to build a noticeboard and signs for the garden out of wood.
During the first session, we were introduced to using tools in the workshop. The second session involved practicing carving, and at our third session we began work on the sign itself, carving the words 'Welcome to Willowbank' into a beautiful piece of wood. We also got to use a great tool to burn words into the wood!

One of our volunteers, Michael, has created an amazing design for the noticeboard itself! This is what we're aiming towards...

The workshops are a great opportunity for our volunteers to learn woodworking skills in a relaxed and friendly environment - for free! If you'd like to participate in these work sessions, you can join our Facebook group, or drop an email to willowbankgarden@gmail.com.

REVIEW | Guerrilla Gardening Workshop

As part of Go Green Week, the Willowbank Community Garden teamed up with Xchange Scotland to host a guerrilla gardening workshop! Participants learned all about the philosophy of guerrilla gardening before getting stuck in to making some seedbombs and moss graffiti, as well as upcycling used containers into plant pots! :)

A lovely video of the workshop was also made which you can watch here!

REVIEW | Tree Planting Workshops

Back in December, the Willowbank Community Garden received funding from CSV Action Earth to host a series of tree planting workshops in the garden.

We had four lovely fruit trees crowded into one small planter, so we got some great giant whiskey barrel planters from Glasgow Wood Recycling, and in the first workshop transplanted the trees into their new homes! The sun was shining but we put up our new marquee anyway and enjoyed hot drinks and biscuits under our new shelter.

For our next workshop we were a little less fortunate with the weather. We got absolutely drenched as we built a beautiful living willow archway on the grassy area of the garden. In summertime the arch should be thriving and leafy making it a decorative, playful and appropriate (!) addition to the garden!

The new additions are a real asset to the garden, continuing to transform Willowbank from an underused and unloved space into a living, flourishing garden. We hope to keep expanding and growing!