HOW TO | build mobile composting beds

{ NORMADISCH GRÜN 2012:115 }

2 bread crates, cardboard, big scissors, light cuttings, mature compost, semi-mature compost, topsoil

Lower crate
1. Enforce crate walls with cardboard to prevent dehydration.
2. Fill up lower crate with twigs and branches from deciduous trees (wood from conifers is to acidic!!), continue with a layer semi-mature compost. This should create a tiny mound in the end.

Upper crate
3. Fill up with mature compost and finish with a layer of a few inches of topsoil.
The bed is made up of two crate systems - an upper crate filled with almost mature soil and a lower one containing compost in the stage to rot. Pile up both crates so that the soil from both crates is connected and the worms are able to move from one crat to another.

Requires large amounts of water and plenty of times as the wholes in the crate’s walls allow the water to evaporate quickly. Plant nasturtium along the bed’s edges to prevent massive evaporation.

Refill the compost in the lower crate every other month to ensure exchange between the mature and semi-mature soils. This replaces any fertilizing.

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