THE WRAP | september 2012

willowbank in september.

SEPTEMBER has been an exciting month for the Willowbank Garden:

This month started with our very first stall at this year's Freshers Fair (11 & 12 Sept). Located right next to the Bute Hall staircases within the windy cloisters, we displayed easy window sill-gardening. Trowel and shovel, beans and nasturtium in juice boxes, cress in cream cheese tubs, salad and tatsoy in seed trays created some gardening atmosphere, a whole bunch of new contacts on our mailing list and new enthusiasts to be welcomed at our weekly meetings.

Followed by the Glasgow Blasda networking event on Saturday 15th Sept, our 5th Work Session on Sunday, 16 Sept to introduce the site, history and future plans, to pay our friends Vicki and Pav from Woodlands Garden a visit for tea and biscuits, and later on to plant tat soy and salad seedlings outside, now protected by bottom cut-off plastic bottles. Willowbank's first meet in cosy Tchai Ovna on Wed 20 Sept to discuss future proceedings, achievements and procurements. Joining our Food Co-op friend's pot luck on Thur 21 Sept - yum yum! Abundance Glasgow's first meeting on Sat 22 Sept which resulted in spontaneous apple picking and juicing with the apple man John Hancox in the West end the next day in perfect sunny autumn weather. Before we finally managed to set up a temporary sign in the garden at our 6th Work Session. This Sunday 30 Sept called for round two of Abundance Glasgow's apple and pear picking - this time southside'ish with LOCAVORE.



* Open Day #02 - expect to hear a more detailed announcement from us!
* sign painting
* bird feeders
* building a compost from wood pallets


* this Wed 3 Oct 2012  
Apple Picking in the Westend with John Hancox  BBC Good Morning Scotland are doing a wee feature to run on Thursday am  3pm, email John [] to learn about meeting point.
throughout Oct 2012
   Black History Month
15-28 Oct 2012
   Creative MackIntosh Festival 
throughout Oct 2012
   Abundance Glasgow (Facebook Event): 

  • Thursday the 4th October - Jam and apple ring making at Locavore, 7pm. Booking is essentialcdue to limited space.
  • Saturday the 6th October – 1-3pm fruit picking followed by juice making. Meet the Locavore hub and bring an empty bottle or container to take some juice away!
  • Tuesday the 9th October - 6pm – Shawlands Harvest event, meet at the Locavore Hub at 6pm.
  • Saturday 13th October – Shawlands Harvest and cookery workshop(tbc). Meet at the Locavore Hub at 1pm. 

FINDINGS | in september

Food For Thought Poster, Scottish Education 2012

In Season Calendar - What tastes best this month?, Greener Scotland 2012

Fife Diet Food Manifesto, 2012

The Hidden Gardens (Tramway) are looking for individuals who can help out with surveying bees, birds, butterflies and soil invertebrates etc. next spring. If your are interested please contact their Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Gillespie