REVIEW | work session #10 11.11.2012

preparing the wildlife shack - wildlife session.

Another lively work session took place last Sunday: 

We were busy preparing the compost's lid, dragging along pallets in a caravan from KRK on Woodlands Road to the garden - they will make the framework for our new wildlife shed; reusing the grass clippings to fill the hollow spaces between the palettes and creating wee shelters from old planting pots we fortunately kept on the site. 

Our zoology students hold wildlife session for the kids, and blossoms made from egg boxes Karina was carrying with the magic box spontaneously turned into a colouring workshop.

We were also happy to welcome Ellie and Caitlin from the CACTUS team, a voluntary society at Strathclyde University, who gave us their helping hand. We will be looking forward to cooperate with CACTUS on future Willowbank projects. ::