GO GREEN WEEK | Open Day in Pictures

We had a very successful open day on Thursday of last week! Several students came to find out more about the garden and the neighborhood kiddos joined in on the fun after they got out of school. Carol brought along a big ole bag full of recyclables for upcycling and we had delicious cakes and tea. A good time overall!!

Roisin enthusiastically telling students about our wonderful space and community.

Chattin' and craftin'

Anna with our craft supplies. Some say rubbish, we say craft time!

Bike love on Valentines Day.
Katie brought a love heart cake in honor of V-Day :)

Tea time

Carol teaching us how to make candle-holders out of fizzy drink cans.

Katie helping the wee one make a tiny wallet out of a juice carton.

With his finished wallet! What a cutie.
Sammi & a couple of the neighborhood boys with their finished candle holders.

The day ended with a fantastic game of tag!

Looking forward to spring!