REVIEW | Biodiversity Day


Big thank you to all who came along for the Willowbankers day of biodiversity!
We did some planting of beetroot, brocoli, dill and marjoram. Chalk drawings - which the kids took charge of - as well as some raised bed construction and mulling about drinking tea and soaking up the sunshine!
It was great to meet many local residents and find out how we can help each other. Alistair and Zofia led a biodiversity education workshop sharing tales of local and global issues and the importance of water conservation in order to maintain the diversity of nature.

We are going to try and keep the sunday work sessions going throughout out the summer so please come join us in the garden on sundays, whither to enjoy the space and chat away or to lend a hand.
Stay tuned for information on an open day in June.
Post arrived today! Poppy, sunflower and nastrium seeds! Lot's of planting tricks in the next few weeks!

Birds eye view of willowbank!
Willowbank Jungle Banter
The kids showing Katie and Bernard how to plant the raised bed - peas and flowers in their now!
Zofia sharing some biology thoughts