Phew it's been raining! The plants will be happy!
Busy workers in the garden have set up an old bicycle with cornflowers, morning glory and sage. The wildflower meadow is beginning to flourish and we have had some kind donations from fellow gardeners of mint, strawberries, maple tree and comprey. Many new planters are being set up, king carrots and nasturtiums in one. Oh and the compost is being well used!

Sunday the 30th June there will be an elderflower pancake feast in the garden as well as a spot of work. Come along and meet the gardeners and share your ideas for the space! All afternoon from 1pm! We have no marquee at the moment, so wrap up warm incase the elements are against us.

We are exploring learning to grow our own organic food and teach each other about permaculture and the properties of many plants in the garden. If you have a trick or two you would like to share with us or you are interested in growing in the garden, come along and get involved. We aim to share the produce equally amongst us all. This year our harvest may be small, but as we learn and nurture the land and our skills, who knows what we will have in years to come. Plans are forming for a sensory area in the garden, a native herb raised bed, sculpture and paintings as well as raised beds with all our vital greens!

If you can't make one of our work sessions  the garden is a lovely quiet spot for a picnic - feel free to stop by and enjoy, but please respect the area and pick up your litter.

All the best,
From the Willowbankers