EVENT | I Could Eat A Horse

Food is our fuel. Food is the ultimate currency of survival.

I Could Eat A Horse is a multi-art form project exploring the diverse relationship individuals and communities have with food.

A Moment's Peace Theatre Company have been working with local groups to explore the diverse relationship individuals and communities have with food.

We invite you to the debut screenings of the short films made. Come along and dig a wee bit deeper into questions about food consumption and the food industry. Join the discussion about the stuff we put in our bellies.

Ticket info:
The event is FREE, but ticketed. Booking is encouraged.
T: 0141 352 4900


A wee bit about the films...

John Wheatley College: A group of teenagers ponder why there's so much fuss about food. In a world where they're told constantly to eat healthily, how easy is it to do this and does it really matter? Working title - Feasterhouse

Dumbarton Road Corridor: A film exploring what a group of children know about food - where does it come from, how is it made and who are our food roles models? A contemplation on whether our children know enough about their food. Working title - What are they Eating?

Kirti Group at Shanti Bhavan: Did things used to be better or do we look at the past with rose-tinted glasses? Drawing on their personal experiences to explore how food culture has changed in their lifetimes, and exploring the effect these changes have had on modern day Scotland's relationship with food.