Job Opportunity with...

Are you a student of Glasgow University? 
Are you interested in promoting sustainability to the university?
Curious to research for innovative projects which help improve the environmental practice of the campus and the community? 
Passionate about communicating environmental issues? 
Feel you can commit at least 12 hours per week?  

Then apply to be part of The Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team.... 
This is a paid part time work placement scheme for university students.
Amongst the nine roles we are recruiting for is the Willowbank Garden Supporting position.

GUEST is the student-led environmental sustainability body of the University of Glasgow. We work to encourage collaborations between management, academics, students, and social and environmental organisations within the wider local community. 

It is our principal aim to improve the environmental practice of the University of Glasgow. We strive to encourage positive transformations as a means to promote sustainability across all levels of the University establishment. 
Our vision is to achieve an action-oriented University sustainability policy by empowering the community within and without, to be aware of and open to positive ecological change. We aim to inspire the community to participate in sustainability policy-making and implementation at the university.

An ecologically aware lifestyle is potentially available to everyone; sometimes all it requires is a catalyst. This is where GUEST extends its hand, encouraging a culture of thinking and behaving with environmental responsibility, providing flexible options for varying lifestyles, and giving rise to nurture and growth of self.