REMEMBER | fallen fruit

{ via lexicon of sustainability }

People rarely eat the fruit growing in their own gardens. They simply assume its somehow not as good as fruit from the market. That two block journey they take by car to theier local grocery store further reinforces that disconnect.
Los Angelos is a car culture - everything is seen through windshields against the soundtrack of cell phone communication. Part of these artists' mission is to get people to look at things they sometimes don't see. People often stop to talk to them when they pick. One girl told them she didn't eat bananas because she thought your were supposed to eat the peel which she hated. It wasn't until she tried one on a LA sidewalk that she changed her mind. ::

1. Find a neighbourhood with lots lots of fruit growing in or over public space.
2. Trace an outline of the streets and place littel symbols for the fruit trees.
3. Share with your friends.
(Note: These maps should be suggestive and playful, not overly precise, and used to encourage people to explore their own neighbourhoods.::