REVIEW | sunday work session #04

Shovel - unload - fill up - plant.
Another great Sunday afternoon down in the garden. We got some kids from the surrounding tenements involved, they helped us moving the soil to the newly arrived wooden planter squares from Glasgow Wood Recycling, one big bag is empty now and ready to be reused as a planting medium. We planted Loch Lomond-native rhubarb in the Whiskey barrel, transplanted Yusuf's succulent plants to the 4 drawers we recently found on West Princess Street, we created spontaneously some seedling boxes by cutting off the tops of juice/milk cartons and plastic bottles, as the boys were very curious to experience the whole process of planting happen. They are now nursing cabbage, salad and spring onion seedlings back in their flats. And as every sunday we did a quick clean up of the site and it has shown once more again the immediate need of rubbish bins on the site. We hope to install some temporary solution until we get a City Council bin delivered.

clean up done - new colours - new arrangement.


Reduce your personal volumes of gabbage and keep collection the following items. They are a valuable resource for the garden and for a wide range of projects!

- yoghurt pots
- milk bottles
- juice cartons
- plastic bottles
- egg boxes
- card board
- bottle caps

Please make sure that you rinse all containers with a bit of washing liquid and let them dry. For health reasons we cannot take anything that has gone mouldy.
You can bring them along to our temporary recyling station at Zofia's office on Oakfield Avenue, near the Rankine Building.

If you spot any drawers or any random container with planting potential put on the skip, feel welcome to take them down to the garden.