26th October Work session

Sunday dreich was our welcome, and much to be done for the wee team in attendance. After blether, the compost was once again de-citrused, and turnit ower. Please, the compost is not wanting for citric acid. It'll no get scurvy anytime soon, so lemons, oranges, tangerines, pineapple.... to make use of citrus skins, dry them, mull wine with them, as ye will - but the compost is made an inhospitable habitat by acidity. There was also, somewhat more mysteriously, a chocolate Muffin. The Green Johanna, our new compost bin, may have a fine appetite, but regardless of what its literature states, all bio-degradeable substances will not compost equally well within, and please ask yourself - would what I'm going to add nourish the compost at all? A guideline will be in the garden soon to consult for composting. Be considerate and take a look, and we'll have handsome, healthy compost to feed the garden, and therefore ourselves also.

The orphaned tomatoes were uprooted, sad as it is to curtail their lives, they were not going to fruit and the colder nights had already claimed the few flowers that had seemed promising.

Tulips bulbs were re-housed; Willowbank is a wee green place, and we wish for food to thrive here. The flowers from the council, behind the bike, will also go elsewhere, and a lined bed in their place can delight the stomach much more than they the eyes. The soil was cleared to some degree of glass and detritus (though much still remains), and turned over. Tis the home of many a worm.

The garlic bed, as was, has been cleared, the garlic flitting in with the kale next door fer the noo; sowing the same crop in a place is detrimental to the nutritional quality of the soil, and we wish to encourage bio-diversity and more tolerant crops, using our own seeds etc. for future sowings. This soil was also de-shitted, as Cat manure does not bonny compost create. The bed is un-sown at present, awaiting a feed of manure.
The weary chilli was re-potted (temporarily?) next door to the lock up, and if someone could offer a warm and caring home to the plant over Winter, please do.
The basket bed in the centre has been emptied, cabbages and mint relocated - cabbages to the lavender barrel temporarily, someone pleases make use and eat what is grown! Willowbank is not an ornamental endeavour! The mint has taken shelter beside the wall, and Horse Chestnuts which were dicovered there placed, in pots, on the former tulip patch (there were 9), and in the earth below the closer elder tree (a further four - if and when they begin to make good of their growth, they'll be re-planted elsewhere). Also in the bed which housed the tulips is a fuchsia from the bed nearest the compost, this bush right at the corner of the entrance. The bed was cleared, turned over and is now covered - for the moment with the whole rolls of chicken wire, and weighted with a paving stone, so as not to be interfered with by cats or planting - this soil will be fertilised with manure, and maybe sown with green manure crops over winter for fertility. 

Lavender was relocated from the bread bin, now resident beside the parsley.
Some of the scrawny kale plants have been composted, and straggling vessels emptied.

Shite from around the garden was cleared, glass, crisp packets etc. an extensive clean up operation soon, for glass especially, would be the grand thing.
Weeding, naturally, took up every other moment.

The last two of us were invited in by a neighbour, Ravi, for tea and talk of the space. She's been before and intends to spend more time at Willowbank garden. Up with this sort of thing!

Winter sowing was plotted and will be undertaken in the coming weeks.
The bonniest of the cabbages was harvested, and will nourish appreciative folk soon.

Other matters:
A staple gun is required, and asking the council for a litter picker would be a fine idea. 
Could we know what type of Broad Beans have been sown?

Gàidhlig ~ Gaelic
Facal an latha ~ word of the day:

Talamh - Earth, soil. Talamh bàn is fertile ground, or literally a feminine ground.
Where we are headed, as a garden, and as mortal creatures....