Sunday 2nd November

Notes from the Work session:

Sunny day in the garden ended abruptly as most of the volunteers were keen to seek cover from the hail stones. Santiago, Dan, Hannah, Michael, Fiona, Dascha and Ro.
Welcome to Fiona coming for the first time :)

What we worked through... 
Sea Lavender was planted on the eastern entrance to the garden.
Leeks were planted but where? 

The long planter construction was finished and put in position beside the wall in the deepest corner of willowbank. It was filled with soil but was it lined to protect the wood? Is this something we wish to do?
It was covered later in the evening with empty soil sacks. Please Willowbank Gardeners... we must protect the soil from the cats shitting in the raised beds, more tempting to them when they lie empty... so we must try to cover them with netting/wire.

Three of us went door chapping in the neighbourhood to invite folks to the open day on 9th November. Really positive feedback and great to get to know the local faces more!

The last old herb bed which housed the fennel and parsely was dug over and covered with wire. This parsley now in the main parsley patch and the fennel in two big pots against the wall on the concrete. This will need replanted into something deeper soon. The quality of the soil of the two dark wood raised beds is very poor so we need to sort this out before we plant them up again. Chicken shit will be come!

In Cafe Phoneix we shared ideas on the evolution of Willowbank and how we wish to communicate as a community. We aim to have another work session during the week but wish to find out when suits the local community and people who rarely can come to sunday sessions before this goes on.  We also aim to have a fortnightly or perhaps weekly cup of tea in a local cafe post work session/s. Ideally we would love to have a free place we could gather that is open for all to join but until we find this space we will meet in Cafe Phoneix for an hour or so after the sunday work session... great to plan ahead for the coming week and to warm up from being in the garden. We will also aim to record what we do in the garden and publish it here as well as discuss what is going on with admin/funding bids at these cups of tea chats to help with transparency of the project and to work more coherently as a collective.